Community Forum 2020

This is a Forum About the Community, For the Community, and By the Community. 

For a menu of items, see below, or go to registration. If you need some guidance on how to choose, read this.

In 2018, the Institute of Policy Studies organised the inaugural Community Forum and the theme was “Here Comes Everybody, and All Can Contribute!” The first half of that theme was a nod to Clay Shirky’s book, which showed how technology has allowed people to organise without organisations, and for groups to self-assemble and for individuals to contribute to group effort without requiring formal management. One of the objectives then was to showcase initiatives that have the potential to unlock the collaborative and collective power of community organisations and informal groups. 

Given such an unabashed and energetic rallying call to everybody (that even ended with an exclamation mark), we thought it would be best to take stock, be more contemplative and start to ask hard questions of ourselves and our intentions. Therefore, as a sort of follow-up, the theme for Community Forum 2020 is “Now That We Are All Here, What Should We Do?” The Forum aims to give us an opportunity to get to know one another better, find out what we care about and the ideas that energise us, and begin to figure out what are worthy things we could be doing together.

This year’s Forum has been put together in a highly decentralised manner and coordinated by the Community Development Network, an informal group made up of community workers, socially engaged artists, researchers, educators, students, non-profits, informal groups and others. We simply asked around who wanted to do what and decided that anyone who has any interest in community issues can co-organise. They can represent an organisation, or do it in their individual capacity. The rationale was to reduce the barriers and friction of coming together. Each co-organiser took charge of a segment, invited their own speakers and autonomously designed how they wanted to run it. There was only a small coordinating group that helped scheduling and connect co-organisers who happened to share the same interests. 

We hope you find something of value from this potluck approach to organising a ‘conference’ and you are welcome to taste as many dishes as you like. Maybe next time, you might bring a dish along of your own.

Calendar of Events

Click on links below to register for a specific session:

6 Nov 18:00-19:30 Opening Session – Ideas That Matter on the Knife’s Edge of This Moment

Keynotes: Unsu Lee, Santosh Kumar, Jennifer Lewis, Grace Ann Chua

7 Nov 10:00-12:30 The Art of Culture in Community Development

Part of ArtsWok Collaborative’s GreenHouse Sessions

7 Nov 15:00-16:30 Tips and Tricks to get to know your neighbours

8 Nov 18:00-19:30 Invisible and Marginalised Communities

10 Nov 09:30-10:30 Theory of change – How about a breakthrough, together?

10 Nov 19:00-20:30 Collective Mapping of Needs & Citizen-Driven Solutions

10 Nov 14:00-16:00 & 11 Nov 14:00-16:00 (split into 2 sessions) Defining Social Innovation

11 Nov 20:00-21:30 Building Cultures of Resilience

12 Nov 20:00-21:30 Metamodernism: A Role-Playing Game

13 Nov 15:00-17:00 Our Talk Shop: Failure Fest Is Not Happening?

13 Nov 20:00-21:30 Can Civic Tech Reinvent Democracy?

14 Nov 11:00-12:30 Youth civic engagement through COVID-19 and during GE2020

14 Nov 15:00-16:30 Community Forum Networking

15 Nov 15:00-17:00 Living in a box: How Culture Shapes and Influences Gender Norms

16 Nov 12:30-14:00 What is the future of social services? A civic tech perspective

16 Nov 12:30-14:00 Community to Movement: What Drives the Action?

18 Nov 20:00-21:30 What does it mean to “build: community?

20 Nov 18:00-19:30 The Village Elder in Modern Times — Chat with Gerard Ee from Beyond Social Services

17 Nov 20:00-21:30 Outbreak Inequality: COVID-19 and low-waged migrant workers

18 Nov 12:00-13:30 From Top-down Control to Ground-up Community Stewardship

18 Nov: 18:00-19:30 What can Nature teach us about Economics and Economic Development?

21 Nov 18:00-20:00 Closing Session: Possibility Conversations

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